Cowboy Youth Camp


We love to host modern cowboy style youth camps for interested teenagers. But first a few general infos: In the USA, the christian Faith is deeply rooted within the cowboy world. Rodeos usually have a cowboy church service on sundays and  rodeos usually begin with a prayer in Jesus name!  There are countless church congregations that minister to cowboys and cowgirls. Those so called "cowboy churches" oftentimes have their own riding arena and they host rodeo practices or even their own rodeos. Many rodeo schools -especially those for youth -  are christian-themed and are called "Bible Bull Riding  Camp" or  "Christian Rodeo School" etc. 

Out youth camps follow the example of Christian rodeo schools / camps in the USA. But don`t worry: No real bull will be ridden at our camps! Our camps are not focusing on how to ride in the rodeo, our camps focus more on having fun together! We would like to introduce European teenagers to a different world, the world of the Christian cowboys and cowgirls in the USA! During our camp the kids will learn how to ride a bull on a "bucking barrel". And as a highlight there will be a "bull riding" competition on that barrel We will also teach participants how to rope. The winners of each competition will receive a little trophy to take home. We will also have bible studies, singing and smores around the campfire!

Now you might wonder: Is this even interesting for German teenagers? Well, everybody is different. However our first camps in 2018 were very well received. The 14-17 year old kids from Duesseldorf loved the first camp so much that we had to schedule a second camp shortly after.