Who We Are

The idea for a cowboy ministry in Europe started in 2011 when a bull rider on the European circuit had a vision for a cowboy church service at the largest rodeo in Germany. He asked his Pastor, Troy Green, if he would be willing to hold a cowboy church service. Troy is a proud Texan who pastored a local church for the U.S. military in Germany at that time. Not only did Pastor Troy say yes, he also involved his missionary friend Gary Lutrick Jr and his wife in the project. The rodeo even allowed the service to be held on the main stage on sunday morning. Troy and the Lutricks put on a great church service with singing and preaching in English and German. The idea for a cowboy ministry in Europe was born and a facebook page was created to spread the word of God and to minister to 


those involved in bull riding and the cowboy lifestyle in general. We have been able to counsel and witness to many cowboys and cowgirls in Europe and USA. The momentum stalled a bit when facebook did not allow the account anymore and we had to start from scratch. But we are now back bigger and better than ever and ready to serve you!!! Please let us know how we can be of help!

Meet The Team

DJ Heinrichs

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Rick Boyne

Rick Boyne is our point of contact in the USA. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Rick embraces the cowboy culture. He is the Pastor of our partner church - Immanuel Baptist Church in Wagoner, Oklahoma.


Karina Knoben

Karina takes care of the musical aspect of our ministry. She loves the cowboy lifestyle, country music and serves our ministry with singing and playing the guitar. Her favorite bible verse is Deut 31:8: "It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed"

Statement of Faith

We believe in only one triune God, the God of the Bible: Acts 5:3-4


We believe in availability of salvation for all humans: Eph 2:8, Titus 2:11, 1 Tim 2:6, John 1:29

We believe that salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ: John 3:16,
John 3:36

We believe in the eternal security and assurance of believers. Once saved, we are kept by God's power and are secure in Christ forever: Col 2:10, Eph 2:8, 1 Thess 4:17, 2 Cor 5:1, 1 Cor 15:42

We believe in the unity of all true believers, which is the body of Christ: 1 Cor. 12:12-14

We believe the Bible is God`s message to us and is the authority for our Life: 2 Tim. 3:16

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DJ used to ride bulls in the ERCA, GRCA, DRSV and the NRW Rodeo Assn. He loves the cowboy lifestyle and has worked on ranches in the USA and in Germany. He became a Christian in a U.S. Military church in Germany and has a strong desire to reach the cowboy world with the message of Christ.